the plan as it is developing


Look what’s new? We can fit an Assisted Living Center on the property and it plus the Intergenerational Center is a match made in Heaven.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 8.54.09 AM.png


The plan is to build Brevard County’s first Intergenerational Care Center. This Center will provide day services,   (M-F ) to Seniors in a large section of the building that is nestled within a  naturally wooded area surrounded by majestic live oak trees. We will also provide a preschool for  children in another large section of the  building.  The magic happens in the 3ooo sq ft space  that is between the 2 larger areas which ties it all together. It is within this space that the children and  elders can mesh and enjoy each other if they care to, all under supervision. Activities will be provided by staff that will encourage interaction to those that want it.

What makes this location special is the fact that it is nestled within tall trees. The whole Eastern wall of the building will be glass with an external awning that will bring the outside in. Rocking chairs will line the walls through out. On that East side under the canopy of the live oats will be a deck  with gardens and a place for activities.

The Assisted Living Facility ( ALF) brought closer to the Center created a dramatic drop off point and connection between the facilities in view of a fountain surrounded by gardens.The acreage provides walking paths and sitting areas with a hidden pergola. There is no end to the possibilities.

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